Essential things to know

I’ve used a DISC before and it was wrong. Why is KiteDISCtest247.com different?

That sucks, doesn’t it? KiteDISCtest247.com uses the newest DISC interpretation available – a 3rd generation product. Because of the drag-and-drop technology and the ranking of all the items in a group, the KiteDISCtest247.com instrument has been validated. You will find your results to be highly accurate with this product.

How does the KiteDISCtest247.com correlate to other DISC results I have?

Old-style DISC tests (as in not KiteDISCtest247.com) don’t correlate to the KITE product because they are older technology and use language which makes them less accurate. Do not even try to use the KITE explanation with an old DISC report you have. It just won’t work.

How can the Kite DISC help me?

Behavior issues. Communications between people and groups. Ideal job climate. Motivation. These are the primary areas where the KITE DISC will help you understand yourself and those who work with you. These are also the areas that will cost you money in lost productivity and staff turnover if you ignore them.

Does the Kite DISC help me with hiring people?

Yes! Anyone can be anything you need them to be for the 20 minutes of the average interview. Whether your business is small or large, you cannot afford to waste time and money on a misfit. Get the true picture of your applicants through KiteDISCtest247.com.

How much time do I need to complete my DISC?

20 minutes max. 10 minutes on average. It’s all drag-and-drop technology.

What if I am interrupted before I am finished?

Your link is good for 30 days. If you are interrupted before you submit your completed KiteDISCtest247.com, simply return to your weblink at a more convenient time and start over.

Will you help me understand my report?

Absolutely. Send us an email if you want us to walk you through your report on the phone.

What information can you provide for a group DISC project?

We will pull all your DISC results into an Excel spreadsheet for you so you can easily see the results for a group. Want more explanation for your people? Talk to us about a group debrief presentation. People are fascinated with their DISC results!

Can I purchase DISCs for the people I work with?

Good idea! See our group pricing options before you order.

How do I use KiteDISCtest247.com going into the future?

Once you have DISC for your group, you should continue to use it with every new hire and with every position change (like a promotion or a new position). As you change people, the configuration of your teams will change.

Who owns the DISC that KiteDISCtest247.com is using?

Innermetrix Corp. is the owner of the product that KiteDISCtest247.com is using. You can see their manual

Why shouldn’t people under age 23 take the DISC test?

People who are under 23 years of age are still developing their unique skills and talents. Because of this, the results of the test may not be fully accurate. For this reason, we recommend that the DISC Index be used by people age 23 and up.