Hire Exceptional People

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Hiring Exceptional People.

You might think you have the upper hand when you hire. The information you base your hiring on is provided by the applicant! It’s more important than ever to hire a good fit for your company and the position.

Our applicant screening tool gives you control over your hiring like you’ve never had before.

Understand each Applicant’s: 

  • Motivation for doing the job
  • Cultural fit with your business
  • Behavior you can expect to see on the job
  • Talents they bring to your business
Each Applicant’s dashboard listing cues you into their:
  • Interest in your job
  • Clarity on meeting the needs of the position
  • Strengths brought to your job and company
  • Non-strengths and how to address these
  • Values and motivation of the applicant
Your current employees will feel:
  • Happier because the new person will fit in with your business’ culture (cultural fit)
  • More at ease with their jobs – so they’ll stay longer (increased retention/reduced turnover)
A couple of points about the advantages to your bottom line when you increase retention:
  • 6 X to 10 X the annual salary is your internal cost every time an employee quits
  • Hiring the wrong person may result in the people around the mis-hire quitting, a serious blow to your company
  • You cannot avoid the impact of the multiplier, even with succession planning
  • You cannot afford to continue your current hiring practices because you cannot afford a mis-hire’s high impact on your bottom line
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Guessing doesn’t work.

This is how you hire exceptional people.

Hiring Staff Kite Disc

The Applicant Screening Tool dashboard tells you:

  • Will the applicant be a top performer in the position?
  • What strength- and weakness-based questions should I ask in an interview?
  • Is the applicant’s on-the-job behavior a good fit?
  • What does the applicant say in their resume?
  • Is the applicant highly motivated to do the job?

What is KITE Applicant Screening Tool?  

  • A convenient 20-minute online application
  • A user-friendly online system – sets up in minutes and works around the clock
    • You enter the job name and description
    • Click “Add Job” and your job is posted on 30+ job boards for FREE
    • Maintain complete control over your jobs
      • Close jobs when positions are filled
      • Add more jobs when you need to
      • View applicants on your schedule
      • Download resumes and interview questions at your convenience
      • Get support from your KITE crew when you need it – we’re here for you!

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