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Kite Disc Test

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane…
Close your eyes for a sec. Imagine sitting in your third grade classroom (this may be quite a while back for some of you, but try!). Picture your teacher’s face as he or she says, “OK, children, it’s time for you to write an essay. I’d like 100 words to answer this question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What did you write about?

  • Being a firefighter and hanging onto the back of the bright red fire truck as you careened your way through traffic ready to save lives
  • Rocketing out into space as an astronaut, ready to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations
  • Leading a life of adventure on the high seas as you travel the world

What did the life of your dreams look like back then?

What the heck happened?
So you have done everything you thought you should do in life to be happy; the job, the car, the whatever and you still feel like you missed the boat.  You don’t like your job and maybe never have.  But if not this job, then what?  Why aren’t you ever fulfilled in what you do for work or whatever?  Is it the type of work?  Is it the people?  Is it the environment?  What’s wrong with you???

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are you.
First of all, there’s nothing “wrong” with you. Unlike its predecessors (some of which are still on the market today), KiteDISCtest247.com is unique in its approach to helping you understand your behavioral strengths and tendencies. The result? You become more effective in several key areas of understanding like…

  • Selecting a job that suits your strengths
  • Communicating with others
  • Expressing yourself so others understand you
  • Building your life’s roles
  • And so much more

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Are you feeling the power now?!
So, let’s go fly a Kite…RUN!

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      • Your unique combination makes you…you!
        KiteDISCtest247.com is for anyone and everyone (over the age of 23) who needs to explore and understand their strengths, weaknesses, behavior and communications. One part of what makes each person the individual they are is their unique combination of the 4 dimensions of behavior:
      • Decisive people know what they want and by golly, they’re going to get it. Their actions or messages are designed to promote that idea and get others to support those results ASAP. Questions about the correct action are not as important as questions about what the end result should be. Details of how and why are less important because they already know what they want. These individuals believe in their ability to change the course of actions in their world.
      • Influencing people also want to shape and mold events and have an active voice in that process. Their actions or messages are also designed to promote that idea and get others to support those results, but they tend to do so by working with or through people more. They are interested in people and like to interact with others, understand others, and be understood by others. They are particularly attentive to the personal needs of others and, like the Decisives, perceive questions about how or details as not as important as the big picture they seek to persuade others to see.
      • Stabilizing people are more passive and introverted than the Decisive and Influencing people and interested in the how and why – more of a task orientation. Their primary interests are in maintaining stability within themselves and the situation. Messages that don’t address the specifics or champion radical change without considerable thought are not well received.
      • Cautious Disc Test people are also more passive and introverted than the Decisive and Influencing people too. They also take more of a task orientation, asking for specific reasons behind changes and supporting data to back up the decision to change. Why is a favorite question. They are very concerned about doing things accurately. They are receptive to messages that reassure them they are doing it correctly.
      We are a blend of all of these tendencies (like Quattro Fro Maggio), and we have developed varying levels of preferences for each dimension. KiteDISCtest247.com helps you understand your unique mix of tendencies and gives you your results in an easy-to-follow report.