Balancing CatsAs I said in my post Business Success Factors College Doesn’t Teach You, owning your own business presents you with challenges that are not covered in most college educations. On top of that, while there are a lot of business books on the market, it’s tough to find one that applies to you and your unique business. The situation is compounded further by the constantly changing business world we are operating in today. Businesses are so regulated and the operations can be so technical that we need assistance in managing the business’ most valuable asset – its people.

Business ownership reflects a lot of YOU – the business owner.
It is your uniqueness combined with your special talents and your personality, core values, and ethics that make your business attractive to your customers. In order to capitalize on this, you owe it to yourself to have the in depth self understanding that gives you.

Self Understanding gives you greater control over change.
After you complete your KITE DISC test and receive your report in your email, you will uncover insights that will lead to greater self understanding that you should put to use in your business. Some areas you might discover that are not strengths for you could be meeting new people or accounting or sales, for example. While it might hurt to admit you can’t do it all, you will feel better and have greater control over normal changes in your business if you manage your non-strengths as well as your strengths. In other words, understand yourself first through and then hire or contract the support you need in your non-strength areas.

Pre-employment Screening Leads to Fewer Hiring Mistakes
You understand your non-strengths thanks to your report (we’ve included a sample report on our website – be sure to check it out now).  Let’s say one of your non-strengths is sales, and you need to hire someone who is strong in sales. Great! Let’s set up a KITE DISC test order that will tell you if a prospective employee is strong in the attributes that good sales people possess (we know those attributes already). This means that helps you fit the person to the job, and this leads to greater hiring success and, of course, greater profitability for your business.

Employee Screening and Team Management
As your business changes, wouldn’t it be nice to know the style of every person who works for your business – including you? Of course it would! When you have this high level of insight as hiring help, you can manage change with much less stress. Consider this scenario: You have an outside sales person, and you need an in-house sales person. Thanks to, you know you have the perfect person already on your staff and trained to step into this position. The result? That important sales position is covered, and you know who in your organization can take on some additional tasks now that the new sales person has different duties.

Why this matters to you
If you are thinking that you don’t need the hiring help and insights that gives you, that you are smart enough to hire the right people for your business, you should know that research shows you probably are not. We tend to hire people like ourselves – as in a mirror image of ourselves. If your non-strength is sales, the research shows that the person you need to hire is an opposite of you and not someone you will really like from the start because they will seem abrasive to you, not be interested in the details you want to share with them, and restless about doing paperwork or databases.

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