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First of all, we want to reassure you that any information you provide is completely confidential. We don’t share our list with anyone for any reason. Your name and email address along with any other information stays with us.


The first step in our order process is to determine if you require only 1 or multiple KITE Personal Performance Assessments.

For a single KITE Personal Performance Assessment:

  • Click the button below to compare your options for the KITE Personal Performance Assessment, then click the button which best suits your needs.
  • Send us an email with your order information. We’ll respond by phone or email to get an invoice to you and a link to the assessments you need.
  • Check your email inbox right after you click to submit your responses for the pdf of your results with a detailed explanation (See our Sample Report at this link).
  • Questions? Schedule a call with Sue.

For multiple KITE Personal Performance Assessments:

  • See below for when to use this option for the  KITE Personal Performance Assessments, then click here to schedule a call for pricing and payment options
  • When you order more than one assessment, you will receive a URL unique to your business so the reports you receive from us graph the results of everyone who will be included in your group.
  • If you need to add more people to your assessment group, just let us know at any time after your purchase! We will expand your order and you will use the same unique URL so your results stay together in your report.


  • Business owners use KITE Personal Performance Assessment to understand:
  • How people function within their business

  • Where they may need to add or redistribute team members

  • How to communicate with their team

  • How to put your clients at ease and convert more sales

  • INCLUDES: * Interpretation Follow-Up Call
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  • Sales professionals use KITE Personal Performance Assessment to:
  • Better understand their personal selling conversation style

  • Maximize on their sales strengths

  • Put any client at ease during their sales conversations

  • Raise closing rates and revenue

  • INCLUDES: * Interpretation Follow-Up Call
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  • HR Professionals use KITE Personal Performance Assessments to:
  • Assemble the strongest teams for their projects and departments

  • Identify the RIGHT PERSON for any position in their business

  • Identify existing talent within their business and the benefits those talents provide to them

  • INCLUDES: * Interpretation Follow-Up Call
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  • Group KITE Personal Performance Assessments are used to:
  • SMALL BUSINESS:  Understand who is best suited to what roles and how your team members best work together

  • SALES PROFESSIONALS AND TEAMS: Compare the sales strengths of  team members and develop customized success strategies

  • HR PROFESSION: Locate existing talent/strengths, hire based on talents for cultural fit, and allocate resources accordingly

  • INCLUDES: * Interpretation Follow-Up Call
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* Interpretations of individual and group results. We would not be doing our job if we did not offer you the chance to discuss your individual or group results with us. While we are confident that you can understand the KITE Personal Performance Assessment report(s) you receive, sometimes it’s nice to have a second opinion of the meaning or implications your results, and we want you to know we are here to help you. When you complete your order form, you will see an area to tell us how we can help you interpret your results so you can make good business decisions. Or you can schedule a call with Sue now by clicking on this link.