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We want to welcome you to our website and to our product


As the owners of this enterprise, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We are sisters. One of us is number one of seven. The other is number 5 of seven. Together, we bring expertise in business management, business ownership, human resources, consulting, professional development, accounting and auditing, non-profit management, and, most important to you, certification in the administration and interpretation of the DISC Index (DI). We want to welcome you to our website and to our product KiteDISCtest247.com.

Our mission:

To make professional DISC testing available via the Web at any time, from anywhere, in many languages – giving individuals, teams and companies results so accurate they’re legally defensible, and insights so actionable they improve performance.

As professionals, we have a couple of frustrations that we’re addressing with this website and service. First, we understand how frustrating it can be to you and us and everyone else to get accurate insights so actionable they improve performance. We often wonder what’s wrong with us, why a situation doesn’t work for us when it does for others, and other communications and performance thoughts that we might have. Our 3rd generation DISC Index (DI) product solves this frustration with insights so actionable, your performance can be improved.

Second, we want this information on our time, not somebody else’s. We’ve set this website and service up so you can get your DISC Index (DI) with report at any time, from anywhere, and in many languages. This puts it on your schedule.

Our vision:

To position the use of high quality, validated and reliable assessments as the norm for businesses and people.

The most professional DISC tests produce invaluable insights for individuals, for teams and for companies. Today, KITE makes DISC testing easy, convenient, and so scientifically accurate the results are legally defensible. Detailed insights are immediately available, in many languages, at KiteDISCtest247.com

Because we believe so strongly in the value of the DISC Index (DI) to you, your teams of people, and the company you work for, we really want to be your first choice for accessible, affordable, and accurate DISC testing. Today, KITE DISCtest247.com makes DISC makes DISC assessments easy, convenient, and so scientifically accurate the results will amaze you.

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